Reuben Elishama Biography: Age, Education, Career

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Reuben Elishama Hadju Soerjosoemarno (born September 18, 1978) famously known as Reuben Elishama is an Indonesian musician, singer, and songwriter, and actor.

He has been making waves in the Indonesian entertainment industry over the past 19 years.


Real Facts About Reuben Elishama

  • Full Name: Reuben Elishama Hadju Soerjosoemarno
  • Stage Name: Reuben Elishama
  • Born: 18 September 1978
  • Age: 44 years old (2022)
  • Place of Birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Nationality: Indonesian
  • Parents: Marini, Didi Hadju
  • Siblings: Shelomita, Lukman Sardi
  • Spouse: Shenty Feliziana (m. 2018)
  • Children: Taj Belleza Izdihar Elishama
  • Occupation: Actor • Musician
  • Net Worth: N/A


Early Life & Education

Reuben Elishama was born on September 18th, 1978 in Jakarta, Indonesia. He was born into the family of Marini and Didi Hadju.

His siblings are Shelomita and Lukman Sardi.

His grandparents are Dolly Zegerius and Soetarjo Soerjosoemarno. He is also related to Arya Fattah Mohammad Diah, Shanata Sakinah Diah, and Golda Nayawitri B.D.K.

As is often the case with public figures, very little information about Reuben Elishama‘s educational background is available. What is known is that he attended college for a time, but unfortunately, there are no details concerning his educational history beyond that.


On 14 May 2006, ahead of the Parfit’s Congress to be held on 18–19 May 2006, congress organizers tried to attract the sympathy of the young artist by giving awards to young artists who came on the show Parfi Film Exposé & Parfi Award, held at the Hardrock Cafe. Reuben Elishama is one of the artists who received awards.

In addition to him, other stars participated, including Tora Sudiro, Sauzan, Laudya Cynthia Bella, Winky Wiryawan, Pretty Asmara, Fauzi Baadilla, Indra Bekti, Adinia Wirasti, Ivan, Marcella Zalianti, Nicholas Saputra, and Dennis Adhiswara.

Reuben Elishama‘s musical influences come from a variety of genres and artists. He grew up listening to jazz, soul, R&B, and hip-hop, which can all be heard in his work with Channel. Additionally, he cites Michael Jackson as a major influence for his music and stage presence.

Reuben Elishama takes music very seriously. He regularly listens to a wide variety of artists, from John Mayer to Radiohead, just as he does in his work with Channel. His influences are easy to spot when listening to his songs.


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